We now offer UKAS accredited testing to the pulsed magnetic immunity test, EN 61000-4-9: 1993 + A1: 2001 and the damped oscillatory magnetic field immunity test, EN 61000-4-10: 1993 + A1: 2001.


Equipment installed in electrical plants can be a prime target for pulsed magnetic fields, of which are generated through lightning strikes to a building or  the switching of High Voltage lines by circuit breakers or bus-bars. The EN 61000-4-9 test simulates such types of disturbances and can help highlight an issue relating to a the reliable operation of a piece of equipment. Similarly, EN 61000-4-10 testing simulates damped oscillatory magnetic fields, which are often generated from High Voltage bus-bars through the operation of isolators within a sub-station environment. If you are a manufacturer of equipment and systems located in such locations then these types of tests should be considered if not already part of a mandatory testing requirements such as National Grid Test Specifications (NGTS).    


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