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We believe that our wealth of experience, knowledge and technical investment has helped us to cement our position amongst the leading test houses, not just nationally but globally. Here is a current breakdown of our extensive capabilities at Cranage.   




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EMC Testing – Product
Emissions Immunity
Radiated E-Field: 10kHz to 26GHz
(1, 3,10, 30, 100m range)
41” Rod: 14kHz to 30MHz
Bi-log: 30MHz to 3GHz
Horn: 1GHz to 18GHz (26GHz)
Radiated E-Field: 10kHz to 6GHz
1, 3, 10V/m in SAC/FAC Chamber
100V/m in GTEM (10kHz to 1GHz)
30V/m in GTEM (1GHz to 6GHz)
Radiated H-Field
20Hz to 30MHz
133mm coil: 20Hz to 250kHz
600mm loop: 9kHz to 30MHz
2m LLA: 9kHz to 30MHz
Magnetic Fields
(Damped oscillatory, Surge, AC Power)
50Hz to 30MHz
(1, 3, 10, 30, 100A/m)

Conducted Disturbance (continuous)
20Hz to 400MHz
Inductive probe: 30mm ID
Voltage probe: 9kHz to 30MHz
4-line LISN: up to 100A
Common Mode Disturbance
0Hz to 150kHz
(DC, AC 50/60Hz and Swept Voltage)
Conducted Disturbance
150kHz to 400MHz
CDN and Bulk Current Injection
(1, 3, 10, 20Vrms)
Conducted Disturbance (discontinuous)
150kHz, 500kHz, 1.4MHz, 30MHz
4-line LISN: up to 100A
Electrostatic Discharge
Air: 2kV to 15kV
Contact: 2kV to 10kV
Disturbance Power
Absorbing Clamp: 30 to 300MHz
Voltage Dips and Fluctuations
(DC or AC 16A 50/60Hz)
Harmonic Current: Class A, B, C, D, X
50Hz to 2kHz (up to 16A AC 50/60Hz 1ph)
Harmonics & Interharmonics
50Hz to 2kHz (up to 16A AC 50/60Hz 1ph)
Voltage Fluctuations & Flicker
0.4ohm + j0.25 ohm (L-N)
0.24ohm + j0.15 ohm (L)
0.16ohm + j0.10 ohm (N)
(up to 16A AC 50/60Hz 1phase)
Pst, Plt, dmax, dc & dt
Voltage Interruption
0 to 260V 16A AC 50/60Hz 1phase
20V to 110V DC (up to 16A)

Voltage Variation
0 to 260V AC 5A (16A external variac)
Electrical Fast Transients
250V to 4kV (1kHz to 1MHz): 32A 4-line
Coupling Clamp, CDN and Direct Injection
Surge Testing
250V to 24kV (12kA): 16A L-N CDN
250V to 6kV: 32A 4-line CDN
CDN and Direct Injection
Damped Oscillatory Wave
0.1, 1, 3, 10, 30MHz
250V to 4kV (6kV Ring)
32A 4-line CDN
EMF Testing
Household Appliances: 10Hz to 400kHz (Shaped Time Domain)
Lighting Equipment: 20kHz to 10MHz (Van der Hoofden)
EMF Surveys (2013/35/EU) – Human Body Exposure
Medical Electronics Risk, eg. cardiac pacemaker: 0.01mT to 3mT (0Hz)
Projectile Risk: 3mT to 300mT (0Hz)
Contact Current [Ic]mA RMS: 40Hz to 110MHz
Non-Thermal Effects, Low, High and Limb Action Levels:
[E]V/m STD Weighted Peak Electric Fields: 1Hz to 400kHz
[B]µT STD Weighted Peak Magnetic Fields: 1Hz to 400kHz
[E]V/m RMS Electric Fields: 300kHz to 10MHz
[B]µT RMS Magnetic Fields: 300kHz to 10MHz
Thermal Effects Action Levels:
[E]V/m RMS Electric Fields: 100kHz to 6GHz
[B]µT RMS Magnetic Fields:100kHz to 100MHz
Short Range Communication Testing – Zigbee
3m to 100m Open Area Test Range
Line-of-Sight Coverage
OTA Polar Response
Spurious and Unwanted Emissions
Occupied Channel Bandwidth
RF Output and EIRP
Mechanical Testing
Stability and Mechanical Hazards
Mechanical Strength (push/pull force up to 500N)
Torsion (up to 50Nm)
Impact Resistance (0.1 to 2J)
Creepage and Clearance (0.05mm resolution)
Ball and Impact Hammer
Test Fingers and Probes
Cord Flexing (Strain Relief)
Pull and Torque
Crushing and Abrasion
Resistance to Rust and Corrosion
Endurance and Durability
Cord,Flexing (up to 270 degrees, up to 30 cycles per minute)
Fixture Design and Construction
Environmental Testing
Ingress Protection (IPX8 to IP6X) – solid objects, dust, rain and immersion
Temperature (-70 to +1300 Degrees C) Dry Heat
Humidity (20% to 98%RH) Damp Heat
Salt Spray (35 Degrees C) and Corrosion (50 Degrees C)
Materials Flammability: Combustibility, Burn Rate, Ignition, Flame Spread
Shock (up to 500m s^-2) and Vibration (5Hz to 2kHz)
Vibration Modes: Random, Swept Sine, RSTD (Resonance Search and Tracked Dwell)
Shock Impulse Modes: Half-sine, Triangle, Rectangle, Trapezoid, Haver-sine
Payload: up to 30kg (300kg with air bias)
EUT Size: 40cm^3
Electrical Testing - Product Safety
Voltage (up to 28kV AC RMS, up to 40kV DC)
Current: up to 1000A AC 50/60Hz
Resistance (0.1mΩ to 100MΩ)
Frequency (50/60/400Hz)
Energy (Wh) and Power (VA,W,VAr) with
0.01% accuracy
Harmonic Distortion
(up to 2kHz)
Inrush Current Analysis (up to 500A)
Temperature Rise (up to 600K)
Leakage Current (0.01µA to 50mA true RMS, 15Hz to 1MHz)
Touch Current and Protective Conductor Current
Electric Strength (up to 5kV AC 50/60Hz, up to 6kV DC) at op. Temp
Earth Bond and Continuity (0.5mΩ 30A up to 1MHz)
Transient Overvoltage and Impulse Voltage (up to 24kV)
Overload and Short-circuit Protection
Abnormal Operation
Locked Rotor (Motor Appliances)
Speed (Traction Drives)
Endurance and Durability
Protection against Access to Live Parts
Stored Energy and Residual Voltage
Insulation Resistance and Coordination
Moisture Resistance
Component Application Analysis and Fault Simulation
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI values up to 600)
Proof Tracking Index (up to 600V)
Fire Hazard - Glow Wire (Flammability Index) up to 1000 Degrees C
Fire Hazard - Needle Flame (Ignition/burning) up to 1000 Degrees C
Fire Hazard – Class V-0,V-1,V-2 (500W/50W Horizontal and Vertical Flames)
Fire Hazard – Ball Pressure Test (Abnormal Heat)

Safety Testing Facilities: Max EUT Size (m): 3.9(width) x 3.7(height) x 5(length); EUT Weight: 2000kg




EMC Testing Facilites
EUT Size (m)
EUT Weight (kg)
EUT Power
FAC1: 0.9(w) x 2(h) x 2(l) 500

240/415V AC 50Hz 32A
120V(32A)/208V(16A) AC 60Hz

SAC1: 2(w) x 2.8(h) x 2.2(l) 2000
FCC1: 1.2(w) x 2.2(h) x 1.6(l) 80
OATS: 3(w) x 3(h) x 3(l) 2000
GTEM: 0.5(w) x 0.5(h) x 0.5(l) 20
SAC2: 1.15(w) x 2.15(h) x 2.2(l) 1000 240/415V AC 50Hz up to 160A
120V(32A)/208V(16A) AC 60Hz
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature (Celcius)
Humidity (RH)
EUT Size (m)
EUT Weight (kg)
-30 to +100 dry heat only 1.43(w) x 2(h) x 0.78(l) 250
+40 to +250 dry heat only 0.4(w) x 0.48(h) x 0.36(l) 40
+100 to 1300 dry heat only 0.4(w) x 0.4(w) x 0.4(l) 80
-70 to 150 20% to 98% 1(w) x 1(h) x 1(l) 40
+5 to +180 20% to 98% 0.6(w) x 0.6(h) x 0.6(d) 40
EUT Size (mm)
EUT Weight (kg)
Dust Ingress
0.8(w) x 0.8(h) x 0.8(l) 80
Water Ingress (spray/droplets) 0.4(w) x 0.4(h) x 0.4(l) 40
Water ingress (jet hose) 1(w) x 1.5(h) x 1(l) 2000
Water ingress (immersion) 0.4(dia) x 0.95(l) 150
Salt Spray 0.8(w) x 0.5(h) x 1.2(l) 20
AC Electrical Supplies
Single Phase
35kVA 50Hz
115kVA 50Hz

4kVA 50Hz
4kVA 60Hz
70kVA 50Hz
4kVA 50/60/400Hz
0 to 300V
4kVA 60Hz

4kVA 60Hz
DC Electrical Power Supplies
Voltage Current
0 to 40V(70V) up to 200A(10A)
0 to 3000V up to 3A
Water & Drainage Natural Gas
Test Gases Air
up to 6bar 6m3/hour at 22mbar BOC to order 300l/min at 8bar