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A test plan is usually combined with a risk assessment to facilitate a pragmatic approach to monitoring equipment under test as it may not always be practical to test all functions within a reasonable time frame. The test report is therefore not only a record of test results and measurements, but also a synopsis of the risk involved if testing deviates from either standard procedures or operating conditions of the equipment under test.


Technical standards for this category of equipment take precedence over any other standard, such as ITE for example, because lives and property could be at risk.


In the UK and Europe, technical standards are set by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and published in the Official Journal (OJ). The OJ informs manufacturers of the current and forthcoming requirements for demonstrating conformity with EU Directives, including:-


1) Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC

2) Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

3) Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Directive 2013/35/EU

4) Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)

5) Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2012/19/EU

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Laboratory Testing Services




• Independent and impartial – not connected to any supplier or manufacturer

• Accredited testing and inspection – compliant with ISO 17025

• Technical support for designers, manufacturers, importers and exporters

• Notified Body for LVD – CE reports and certificates for LVD

• CB certificates, factory inspections, test reports, and technical files

• Product Approvals for Canada, N. America, Australia, and Japanboratory testing)

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This is equipment, systems, and sensors which automatically detect the presence of a fire or intruder, or can raise an alarm manually by human intervention because someone or something is at risk either from social consequences or anti-social behaviour.


Included in this category of equipment that we test are products used for controlling access to buildings, theft prevention, CCTV cameras used specifically for security applications, and electronic devices and modules involved with the transmission of an alarm condition, eg. modems.


Cranage has specialist knowledge and experience of testing security alarms and PIR movement detectors in particular and can provide technical assistance to help manufacturers achieve higher levels of EMC performance than is usually required.


The table below specifically lists the scope of our testing operations for security and fire equipment, systems and sensors. UKAS accredited testing is shown in blue:-



Associated Standards LVD EMC & Radio
IEC / BS EN 60529
Enclosures – IP Testing
IEC / BS EN 60950-1
Information Technology
BS EN 50130-4
Fire and intruder alarms and security - Immunity
IEC / BS EN 60695-2-11
Glow Wire Test
IEC / BS EN 60065
Audio, video and similar equipment
IEC / BS EN 55022
Conducted & Radiated Emissions
IEC / BS EN 60695-11-5
Needle Flame Test
IEC / BS EN 62233
Human exposure to electromagnetic fields
IEC / BS EN 61000-6-1
Light Industrial/Commerical (Immunity)
BS EN 50130-5
Environmental testing
IEC / BS EN 61000-6-2
Industrial (Immunity)
IEC / BS EN 60068-1
Environmental testing
IEC / BS EN 61000-6-3
Light Industrial/Commerical (Emissions)
IEC / BS EN 61000-6-4
Industrial (Emissions)
IEC / BS EN 61000-3-2
Harmonic Current Emissions
IEC / BS EN 61000-3-3
Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker
IEC / BS EN 61000-4-2
Electromagnetic Discharge Immunity
IEC / BS EN 61000-4-3
Radiated RF Immunity
IEC / BS EN 61000-4-4
Fast Transient Burst Immunity
IEC / BS EN 61000-4-5
Surge Immunity
IEC / BS EN 61000-4-6
Conducted RF Immunity
150kHz to 100MHz
IEC / BS EN 61000-4-11
Voltage Dips & Interrupts
IEC / BS EN 61000-4-16
Conducted LF Immunity
15Hz to 150kHz
IEC / BS EN 61000-4-20
Testing in Waveguide (GTEM)
ETSI EN 301 489-3
EMC & Radio -
Short Range Devices
FCC 47 CFR Part 15B/C
Radio Frequency Devices

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